Friday, August 16, 2013

Soaking in Burmese and Thai cultures

After  close to a two-month stay here at Mae Sot, I am finally getting the feel at how Burmese and Thais live together.

Mae Sot is bustling city near the Burmese border. There is actually a bridge on the Moei River which connects Mae Sot to Burmese town Myawaddy.

I am staying at a Thai-managed residential building and go to a Burmese school as a volunteer teacher.

For me, this is awesome as I soak myself in two of the most enduring cultures in Southeast Asia. 

I now have Thai and Burmese friends. I am steadily learning the cultures and the languages.

This made Mae Sot a very special place. For this is the only place where one can soak in two cultures at the same time.

If you wish to see more photos of my stay here, please visit my other blog here.

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